End of 2016

As 2016 has come to a close I would love to take the time to show you my top favorite images which wasn't an easy task. I have met many wonderful people this year and truly had a great time with them all. I am honored to have been able to capture these moments for my clients to enjoy for years to come. I am really looking forward to 2017 and I wish you all a Happy New Year!!!

Nick & Desirae's Family Session

I've been looking back on my sessions of 2016. I was going to do an end of the year wrap up but remembered that I had this amazing session with this particular family that I hadn't shared. With family sessions I try to pick a location that is true to them. We started our session at Gardiner's Corner which is a place that visitors and islanders love. But for this family it was something special to them. They always take their picture every year here so we kept the tradition going. We then decided to wrap up our session at the Nantucket Brant Point Lighthouse. This is where Nick proposed to Desirae and so it made this place so much more special. Their little girls are so sweet and had a blast running about the beach. They all shared lots of laughter, smiles, hugs and kisses which made it so easy to capture this loving beautiful family. The evening was just so perfect and wonderful. 

Sean & Gina's Wedding

I had the pleasure of photographing Sean & Gina's Wedding on September 10th. They chose to have their ceremony at the Nantucket Brant Point Lighthouse followed by a reception at their home. It was a small intimate wedding surrounded by their friends and family. Sean and Gina are also expecting a little one on the way which made this day so much more special. I do have to admit that these are my favorite weddings to photograph. I was so happy that the rain held out out for the day. But we were greeted by the Gray Lady instead.  In away the fog made it more intimate as well as making all of the colors vibrant. Gina was walked towards Sean with her Mother on her left and her Father on her Right where she was greeted by Tania and Billy. Tania and Billy were the officiants as well as their amazing friends. They had a wonderful ceremony filled with laughter and tears of happiness. After they exchanged their vows and said their I do's we then took the time to photograph the family and the newly weds. Did I mention how beautiful and handsome they looked. I loved the simplicity of their attire. Gina's gorgeous bouquet that she held was also made by her friend Orla. After that I  then arrived to their home where the reception took place. The details of the reception was just perfect. As you walked towards the home there were a trail of candles lighting your way to the backyard full of laughter under a big tree filled with lights. Under the tree they also honored those close to them that had passed. They had a great big straw couch surrounded by torches, fire pits and blankets to keep them warm during the evening. The small details on the tables were just beautiful as well. Food was a collective effort, Chowder and meatballs made by family and friends as well has a food cart from Roman Pizza how fun!!! As the evening went on you could really tell how much this amazing couple was loved! It truly was a great celebration for Sean and Gina. We then finished the night off with an amazing cake!!

The Walker Family

It's always so special when I get to photograph a local family on the island. The Walker family wanted to have a Fall family photo and chose a wonderful location. They chose to have it at the Masquetuck Reservation which is part of the Conservation Land here on Nantucket. This place is just so beautiful and peaceful. Such a great location for a beautiful little family. The colors of the leaves were starting to change and it truly felt like fall was upon us. Even though the day was a bit dark and the weather was all over the place you couldn't even tell. This family was a joy to have photographed. The little kids kept me on my toes and kept me laughing throughout the session. Their was laughing, running and smiles throughout our time together made for a great Nantucket evening. 

Glazier Family

I got an email from the Glazier family inquiring about a family session. They hadn't had one in about 8 years and wanted a special session on Nantucket. It was a surprise family portrait for their in laws 50th wedding anniversary!!! They decided they wanted to have it at the White Elephant where they were staying. The evening couldn't have been prettier. And I just love the all the soft pastel colors. This family was just the greatest so full of laughter. Wonderful people to have gotten to know and spend my time with. 

The Sowa Family

When I got the phone call from the Sowa family for their family session and they told me they had never been to Nantucket before I just knew I had to take them to the Brant Point Nantucket Lighthouse for their session. The Lighthouse is an attraction to visitors and locals alike. It's a beautiful backdrop for any occasion. There is everything from textured buildings, flowing beach grass, the harbor filled with boats and of course the lighthouse. It was nice to talk to them a little about Nantucket and show them a little taste of a Nantucket summer. When they said they were going to bring their dog Cash a Portuguese Water dog I couldn't have been happier. He made us all laugh and loved chasing the seagulls! We really had a great time together. Such a nice loving and close family to have gotten to know. Made for wonderful family photos for them to remember.

The Grieder Family

Bill and Kathy had contacted me to photograph their family while they were all here on Nantucket. Some were from here and some lived else where. What a great opportunity to do a family session! When I asked Kathy where she wanted her session she told me right here at our home. While it's nice to photograph families all over this gorgeous island there is just something special about photographing at someones home. It was so beautiful where they were with the creeks in the backyard.  Such a gorgeous backdrop to a fun and loving family. Near by there was a dock where we decided it would be fun idea to feed the ducks! The little boy was thrilled about this and was having the time of his life! It made for a fun experience for the whole family. It's moments like these that I love to capture. We really had a fun time and shared laughs a beautiful sunny Nantucket morning. 

Amy & Charles Surprise Proposal

Amy and Charles met in the summer of 2010 in Charleston, SC. Charles was at a block party of a mutual friend and Amy was wearing a Lilly Pulitzer dress per usual, and he was wearing a Greek life shirt from the college she went to. They instantly connected since they had many friends in common. She was a charismatic, confident, fun and a stunning young lady who he simply loved to see. Whenever they would bump into each other around town, she would always stop to say hi and catch up. Since she was in medical school at the time, her course load and work schedule was quite tough, but in her last year they started to hang out significantly more. As they began to see each other often, he noticed how much they shared in common and how great she really was. Charles fell for her over the course of a few months and they started dating in early 2013. Unfortunately, his timing was poor due to the fact that she had matched into a residency program in Boston and was moving in less than six months. They knew it would be tough, but everything was going perfect. Charles and Amy knew they had to give the relationship a go, even with the distance. They did and less than a year later, Charles landed a job and moved up to Boston to be closer to Amy. What a great decision that was for them. Charles loves everything about Amy and Boston and he honestly felt it was one of the best and smartest decisions of his life.

Fast forward to the proposal (3 ½ years later…) Charles knew he wanted to do something special. Something different that he knew would be special to them for the rest of our lives. Nantucket was the obvious choice since they had always planned to visit, but were never able to make it happen with crazy work, training and school schedules. To make it all a surprise, Charles planned an elaborate day that Amy would remember forever…

It was Saturday, June 30th, 2016 and the day started for Charles at 5:30am. He mentioned to Amy the night before that he had to work early, but what she didn’t know was this would be a special day. He left the house by 6:30am and on his way out, he gave her a card and told her not to open it till 8am. He immediately walked out the door, got in the car and drove to Hyannis port to catch the ferry to Nantucket. In the meantime, Amy was certainly suspicious but went back to sleep. At 8am she opened the first card; it was long and sappy, but in short it mentioned that it would be a special day and that she should get ready, call her mom to figure out what to wear, and be at her favorite nail salon by 9:30am. Charles knew at that point she knew what was going on. When she arrived at the nail salon she was met by her best friend in Boston. They had their nails done and hung out for a few hours until her friend (who played dumb the whole time) said it was time for them to go separate ways. She put her in a car with the destination pre-determined and with two more cards which he had pre-written. She opened the next card that included a boarding pass to go to Nantucket and yet another long and sappy message. When she arrived at Logan she later mentioned to Charles that she was a wreck. She ordered a shake from Johnny Rockets, but never picked it up because she was so flustered. Eventually she boarded a Cape Air flight and flew over to Nantucket. When she landed, she was instructed to open the next card. That card was short and sweet. It gave her an address and told her to enjoy the scenery of the beautiful island. Charles told her in the card that he would see her soon and couldn’t wait to see her. All during this time, he was at the Wauwinet hotel setting a few things up, meeting with me to plan the engagement, and having a drink or two to calm his nerves. Luckily everything was falling perfectly into place.

When Amy arrived, she was greeted by two young men that worked for the hotel. Charles showed them pictures of her ahead of time and told them what she would be wearing. They immediately took her purse and escorted her to the beach. As she walked up, she saw me taking pictures of her and knew the big moment was approaching. As she walked over the dune, I could see her face and how happy she was. She was of course surprised and they were both nearly in tears. He gave her a big hug and they walked down the beach just talking casually. After walking for a few moments, he stopped and looked at her. He got down on one knee and shared to her that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her and asked her to marry him.  After all that SHE SAID YES!! They then toasted their engagement on the beach and shared their favorite food together oysters. The champagne that they shared together was extra special to them. They had bought it in Napa on their first real vacation together in 2014 that they specifically saved for a special occasion. Who knew they would be drinking on the day and night of their engagement? Then we took some amazing pictures. Charles and Amy were so over the moon excited and they were glowing. These two couldn't stop smiling and laughing the whole time. The day was just absolutely perfect. It as their fairy tale come true!






The Everson Family

The Everson family came to Nantucket to have a wonderful vacation with extended family and friends. While on their stay they wanted to have a nice dinner on MiaComet Beach where they smiled, laughed and told stories. They wanted me there to capture it all from the dinner to some nice family photos. This family new how to have fun! They did everything from jumping off the lifeguard stand, running around on the beach, balancing acts, and of course hugs and kisses. It was truly a wonderful evening on Nantucket and one they will never forget. 

The Farber & Matthews Family

These families came together to have a wonderful vacation here on Nantucket and to celebrate 60 years of Marriage for the Grandparents! WOW! But we also had a couple that just got newly engaged! There was a lot to celebrate. They had a beautiful home out in Pocomo where they spent their time. It is just so beautiful and stunning out there! This family is one big happy family and you can see the love that they have for each other. We really had a blast and shared lots of laughs. 


The Gazda Family

It was such a pleasure photographing the Gazda Family. A wonderful and fun group of people to have gotten to know and to have the honor of photographing. To keep me on my toes they had a 2 year old who was just the cutest. So full of energy and love. He ran the show! They came all the way from Texas to escape the heat and to experience a place that they have never been before. East Creek Road was where they called home for a short while. Such a stunning property off of the Creeks. The "Gray Lady" as we call it, came to join our session.  Even though the sun wasn't out the fog made all the colors pop from their outfits to the beautiful surroundings. There were so many amazing backdrops to place this beautiful family. Such as large Shasta daises, rows of Lavender, Roses to die for, the cutest little shed and of course the creeks. We truly had a blast capturing true, authentic moments for this family to look back on and enjoy for years to come.

Mark & Karen

The summer of 2014 was when these two met. Karen was coming to Nantucket to do her solo show called Ripple of Hope at the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket on August 5th. Padraic Lillis, her director, mentioned that when she got to Nantucket to make sure she stopped by the Starlight Cafe and he said "my best friend growing up owns it and he's a really nice guy- tell him I sent you." So the first thing she did when she arrived was head straight to the Starlight. According to Mark she said "Are you Mark? Padraic Sent me." and he said "YES YES I AM! she was amazed at how excited and kind he was to her. It took a few days for her to realize how great of a guy he was. She had a long talk with their friend Molly Martin who said "that she better go for this one- can't get better than this." So that was it- there has never been a day since that she hasn't spoken to him. Then on December 24th 2015 they got engaged at the top of Main Street where the annual Nantucket Red Ticket Drawing takes place. There were over 4,000 locals and visitors that had attended. WOW! I was so excited to witness such a wonderful engagement and to be able to capture such a special moment in their lives. So when they asked me to photograph their engagement session I was over the moon excited as this engagement is so special to me. It fills my heart to know that they are madly in love and that they make each other very happy. It's a wonderful feeling knowing and seeing that your uncle and soon to be Aunt are meant for each other. During the whole session you can see the love that they share with one another. They shared many hugs, kisses and laughs through out the session. We focused our time together on Main Street and then finished the evening off at Brant Point where they will soon tie the knot. I wish these two a life time of happiness together!!! 

Boudoir Session

A few weeks ago I got an email from a women who wanted to have a fun bachelorette weekend with her maid of honor and brides maids on Nantucket Island. While she was here she also wanted to have a Boudoir session as a gift for her fiance. After getting to know each other we knew we were a great fit. I was so honored that she wanted me to photograph such an intimate session for her.  She had told me that she had never done something like this before and that she wanted it to be classy and tasteful. I assured her that I would make her feel beautiful, comfortable, and confident a long the way. And told her to be herself and nothing else. The day finally arrived and we were both very excited about this session. We had a beautiful room with an abundance of natural light coming through. But the most beautiful in the room was her. She was confident, strong and absolutely stunning. She was a natural at this and her personality shined. Her hair was curled, make up done, and with an incredible lingerie set made this session that much more gorgeous. We shared lots of laughs and had a great time together. After the session I had received a note from her saying how much she enjoyed her experience with her session and for her beautiful pictures. She said that every woman should get to feel this pretty. I couldn't agree more with her.  

Kate & Cassie

On May 18th, 2016 I had a very lovely mother and daughter session. This session was a surprise for a very special someone in their lives, a father to Kate and a Grandfather to Cassie. Kate wanted to surprise her Father for Father's Day with a beautiful canvas. There were so many sentimental aspects through out the images. The rattle that Cassie is holding is Kate's rattle that she had when she was a baby. The sweater she is wearing is hand knitted by Kate's Mother. The beautiful blanket is hand sown by Lori Kunz one of Kate's closets friends. All of these small touches made the session all that much more special. The weather was so nice, a perfect spring evening.  We started our session at Coffin Park just behind the oldest house. It was so pretty with everything green and starting to bloom. We ended our time together at Brant Point. There were lots of laughs shared. What a great time we had.

Trip to Iceland


Me and my Husband Jonathan decided that we wanted to go to Iceland for our honeymoon. Our Vacation was from August 31st to September 9th of 2015. We had heard nothing but amazing things about this place. So we thought lets check it out. From all the blogs, research. and amazing photography we knew that Iceland was the perfect choice. We chose to fly with WOW airlines very inexpensive tickets, wonderful staff, and everything was new. We chose to rent an apartment in Reykjavik just a 5 to 10 minute walk from town and had a killer view of the Reykjavik mountain. Which was just perfect. We spent most of our time exploring downtown Reykjavik. The city has lots to offer from sightseeing, shopping, museums, restaurants, and tours.  I loved that Reykjavik had a small town feel.  We did a lot of shopping and sighting seeing. Couple of our favorite places to see was Hallgrímskirkja which is a Church, in fact the largest church in Iceland! We also had the experience of going all the way up to the very top. I also liked that Reykjavik was very much into art. There was graffiti murals in hidden places throughout town. We also enjoyed really fun and funky cafes. Some of our favorite places to eat was the noodle station, a doughnut cart that was 1 minute away from the apartment, and Cafe Babalu. We truly had a wonderful time in Reykjavik and we got to experience so many great things together.

There is so much to do in Iceland that it was very hard to just pick a few things. Since it was our first time in Iceland we thought it was best to do some tours. Our first tour was a whale watching tour called Elding Whale Watching. The people that run these tours were very knowledgeable and passionate about their Icelandic marine life. I have never been whale watching before so it was really an experience. It was also extremely rocky but, that didn't slow us down just added to the adventure. We got to see Minke Whales, Dolphins, and wild birds. One of the coolest parts was seeing a school of about 10 Dolphins leaping out of the water and seeing the Dolphins chasing along side the boat. For our very first tour we had a blast and looked forward to the other tours we had planed.

Our second tour we decided that we wanted to take a half day trip through Iceland on horse back with sighting and a stop at the hot springs. I was very nervous at first because even though horses are gentle giants they make me nervous. I was excited about our tour but proceed with caution. We arrived got our gear on and they chose the right horses for us. Icelandic horses are just so beautiful. We got on our horse and did a few loops around the ring to get adjusted. We then all went as a big group. We were receiving instructions and as well as getting ready for a fun filled day. But my horse was being a horse and I didn't enjoy that. He started to go a little fast and I started to panic and oh boy was I embarrassed. Jonathan was at the top of the group with his horse. I wasn't comfortable with continuing with the rest of the group. So since it was our honeymoon they made a special accommodations for us. We ended up going on a small tour just the two of us. It was just a private nice walk through Iceland. Great sighting seeing and a great partner along side me. 

Our Third tour was the Golden Circle tour. This tour was by far the best one that we went on. We had a great bus driver and tour guide. We also got to meet two lovely ladies Shona and Erin that made the trip even better. We got to see Þingvellir National Park where we saw so many different rock formations. We also got to see Gulfoss Waterfall. You see this waterfall in so many different pictures but it doesn't do it justice. This waterfall is magnificent and the largest waterfall that we have ever laid our eyes on!!! We also got to see an Erupting hot spring at Geyser Geothermal area. The area has so many little hot springs but, the show stopper was Little Geysir. It was an amazing site to see. When it errupted you had to make sure that you were standing in the right spot as to not be splashed. When it first erupted it made me jump! Such a cool place to check out. When we were all finished with the touring we headed back into town. When we got there we got to see a community coming together to cheer their men's soccer team on the big screen. So much team spirit and Icelandic colors in the center of Reykjavik. Since we made new friends on the bus and really enjoyed our time with them we finished the night off with an Italian Dinner.

Another site that was on our list was the Selfoss Tour. A tour of the west cost of Iceland. The weather wasn't really in our favor and it was so windy that it was hard to walk straight!! But it was still a beautiful site to see. Amazing rock formations and the black beaches were incredible. The black beaches were made up of black rocks. The black rocks were lava rocks that have been rolling around in the ocean causing them to be smooth and of different sizes. When we go back to Iceland we would love to take a day trip and explore this place more in depth.

We finished up with one more stop the Blue Lagoon. This place is a geothermal spa. Such a relaxing place. A perfect way to end our adventures.

Iceland was just an incredible vacation. It is not like any other place out there. We had such an amazing time and would do it all again. I highly recommend Iceland to anyone!!!

Most of this images were photographed were on my camera but, I also have additional photos on my Instagram account.